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Subject: FUngus
Location: San Diego
December 27, 2012 12:49 am
I have this on wall in basement garage on cement and something similar came up in sink perfectly round as it must have been packed in pipe. I know you are bug folks but you did have a fungus link too. I also was thinking it was a larvae issue possibly as I have had what looks to be caddisfly or fungus gnat and fruit fly
the picture of what looks like headless shrimp isnt clear but the shape may offer clue
I also know pic isn’t perfectly clear but any advice would be helpful if this helps, the ramp on other side of the basement wall at night will grow algae and lichens through deteriorations Building was built in 2004 on site of a home built in the 20;s
Signature: Terence

I sent my pics to you but forgot to include this one. so I will resend all three. One is on garage basement wall the other washed up in sink in kitchen and other i thought you could have idea of what it may be.. i know none are perfect pictures but even a guess so I know how to proceed I had caught a caddisfly in my bathroom which i thought was odd and lots of tiny little flies some fruit. also on other side of the garage wall picture where its growing on or through cement is the driveway to underground garage and has many deteriorating holes growing algae and lichens at night
Signature: Terence

Termite Damage, we suspect

Hi Terence,
Thanks for sending the third photo.  As you indicate, all are out of focus, but the new photo does offer some clues.  We suspect this is Termite Damage.  If the foundation is damp, that would support the habitat for Termites.  We would recommend an inspection.  Here is a Stock PHoto of what Termite Damage can look like.  All that you have written supports Termite Damage as a strong possibility.

Thank you. I never thought about termites doing that.  I had same look in my AC vent intake.  It has similar look to some slime molds /lichens   I couldn’t think why it would wash up in chunk in my sink though
Thanks, Terence

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: California

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