Subject: Tree hopper
Location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
December 24, 2012 1:53 am
Hello again Daniel,
I took these pic at the small garden in front of my house.
I didn’t know what kind of tree hopper it is, although it is close to buffalo tree hopper but this one got brown color, and three spines (left, right, and middle stretch to it’s back).
I almost didn’t notice this one, I taught it just a thorn in a tree. As always natures amazed me :).
Signature: Mohamad Idham Iskandar

Horned Treehopper with Ant

Hi Mohamad,
Many Treehoppers in the family Membracidae mimic thorns, as you can see by the variety of species pictured on Bugguide and on the Brisbane Insect website.  We believe we might have identified your particular Treehopper as the Horned Treehopper (
Alosextius carinatus), which we located on the Photokito blog.  Dave’s Garden also has a photo that looks similar as does India Nature Watch.

Horned Treehopper

Many Treehoppers exude honeydew which makes them attractive to ants as your photos indicate.

Horned Treehopper with Ant

Location: Indonesia

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