Subject: Assassin Bug Nymph?
Location: Lakeland, Fl
December 19, 2012 8:33 pm
I’ve have been looking for quite some time and have searched every known combination of ”Search” words to look for this BEAUTIFUL insect. Perhaps you can help? I saw someone ask about ”Assassin Bug Nymph” but it doesn’t look quite the same. I’m no expert and figured I would ”bug” you.
Much appreciated! Thank you!
Signature: Phil

Leaf Footed Bug Nymph, we believe

Dear Phil,
This is a True Bug nymph, however, we don’t believe it is an Assassin Bug, though that is a very good guess.  We believe this is a Leaf Footed Bug nymph in the family Coreidae.  It looks very similar to this
Acanthocephala nymph that is pictured on BugGuide.

Thank you for your response. I have to say that I normally wouldn’t get so close to creatures like this, especially spiders, I just had to take this picture and find out what it was. I have never seen a creature that put me in total awe.  The creature opened me up to a whole new world of beauty.
Again, thank you for your response and hard work.  You have a supporter for life and a new person to donate.
Thank you!

Thank you Phil.  You are most kind.

Location: Florida

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