Subject: True bug – Coreidae?
Location: Nepal – Himalaya
December 16, 2012 7:14 pm
My sister recently returned with these photos from Nepal. I’m guessing Coreidae?
By the way, do you no longer have RSS feed?
Many thanks for your time and insights.
Signature: Tracy

Coreid Bug

Dear Tracy,
We don’t recognize either of your True Bugs and we will need to do additional research.  Karl has been assisting us with numerous identifications lately and he may write in with some information.  We will copy our webmaster with your technical question.

True Bug

Karl Identifies the Coreid Bug
Hi Daniel and Tracy:
The first one is a coreid bug in the genus Dalader. I couldn’t track down any information specific to Nepal but there are apparently three species native to northern India. I believe this one is probably D. acuticosta.  You can find good descriptions of all three species in “The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma”, by W.L. Distant (1902). Go to page 351 if that link doesn’t open on the right page. I haven’t had much luck yet with the second bug. Regards.  Karl

Thanks so much Karl.  We strongly suspected that was a Coreid Bug, and we believe the other individual is in a different family.

Karl Identifies second True Bug
Hi Daniel and Tracy:
The second one was tough, but it belongs to a relatively small and obscure family in the Pentatomoidea called Urostylididae (formerly Urostylidae). Based on descriptions provided by Distant (1902) and Blöte (1945) I would say the genus is Urolabida and the species is either U. grayi or U. pulchra. Both species are reported to occur in northern India and I suspect that could include Nepal. I believe your posted image of this lovely bug is only the second one appearing online; the other is located on a Chinese site (although I wouldn’t conclude that the image was necessarily taken in China; 5th picture down). This photo is a very close match to the description provided by Blöte and if you scroll down it identifies the bug as U. pulchra. Regards.  Karl

Wow, good work Karl.  We are going to categorize this with the Stink Bugs and Shield Bugs.


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Location: Nepal

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