Subject: Singapore Green slow moving insect
Location: Singapore
December 17, 2012 5:46 am
Hi. Haven’t been able to identify this little fella. He was moving very gingerly from one leaf to another. Also can you tell me what is that vertical appendage on its back? I have seen something similar on a Helopeltis Theivora (Plant Bug). Maybe they’re related.
Signature: David

Probably Tea Bug Nymph

Dear David,
This is an immature True Bug or Hemipteran.  We could not recall
Helopeltis theivora, so we researched it.  We found a nice image on FlickR that shows the unusual appendage on the insect’s back.  That feature as well as the very long antennae are strong evidence that this is an immature Helopeltis theivora.  Additional research led us to Discover Life that provides the taxonomy that the species is a Plant Bug in the family Miridae.  Interestingly, we do have some images in our archive, also from Singapore, of Helopeltis theivora, though we didn’t remember that posting from just over a year ago.

Location: Singapore

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  1. says:

    Thank you so much Daniel for the quick response. Actually that old Singapore article of Helopeltis Theivora helped me identify my own photo just his week. I’ve linked to it here for your reference:

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