What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: Weird flat pod/larve
Location: Southern California
December 17, 2012 11:22 am
I occasionally see these flat larvae looking things in my house in Southern California. Sometimes on the walls or near window sills. These are dead, but when found alive I’ve seen a little proboscis moving in and out of the end. I’ve never seen these before until they started turning up recently.
Signature: Rob

Case Bearing Moth Larvae

Dear Rob,
You have Case Bearing Moth Larvae, Phereoeca uterella, and there is conflicting information as to whether they are benign inhabitants or actual Household Pests.  They do feed on organic matter and we consider them to be scavengers that feed on shed pet hair and other organic matter that they encounter in their foraging.  The common name used on BugGuide is the Household Casebearer and this information is provided:  “larvae feed on old spider webs; may also eat woolen goods of all kinds if the opportunity arises.”

Wow, thanks for the quick response.  I dug around on whatsthatbug for a while but really had no idea what category to look under.
Thanks again.
Best Regards.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: California

2 Responses to Case Bearing Moth Larvae

  1. Carol says:

    I also have seen these bugs on my walls outside.
    Does anybody know if they are harmful or can do harm to your home.

  2. Joan says:

    I found these on the walls of my home too. Was wondering what it was as I took a piece of tissue paper and crushed 1 of these once. It had short strands of hair in it which I thought were legs! Yucky! Now I’m wondering how it got in and whether it has infested my bedroom.

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