Subject: Love this moth
Location: Goa, India
December 17, 2012 10:30 pm
This moth was sitting for hours in our house and I could photograph it without any problems.
When I looked up on Google, I saw a similar one on your website with its ID. Lovely Dysphania Percota (at Khanapur, Karnataka), which is possibly in the same ecological belt as Goa.
Thanks for the good work!
Signature: Suchetapotnis

Blue Tiger

Dear Sucheta,
We are very happy you figured out how to submit your photo, which is quite lovely.  The colors on your Blue Tiger,
Dysphania percota, are much more vivid than the individual from our archives.  We look forward to future submissions from you, but please limit your yourself to one species per submission form.  We will respond to as many as possible.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks so much for your email. You guys are doing a terrific job. I, luckily, come across a large number of critters who are so bewitching, that I am delighted to have found your website for further info. Yes, I am glad that I figured out the mysteries of the photo submission.
Glad the colors are vivid – hope they help others identify better.
Thanks again.
Best, Sucheta

Location: India

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