Subject: Black beetle with feathery antenae
Location: Akron, Ohio (city sidewalk)
December 12, 2012 9:49 pm
Love this site! Any chance you can tell me what genus/species of beetle is this?
My girlfriend and I were taking a walk this fall in NE Ohio (USA) when I spotted this beetle on the sidewalk, exhibiting some odd behavior. It did not seem to be bothered by us and continued to walk around, with its wings spread. This made it easy to photograph, but since all I had was my phone, this is the best I could get.
Signature: Bearlo

Cedar Beetle

Hi Bearlo,
We have not had any luck with a conclusive identity in our initial web search, but our best guess at the moment is that this is some member of the superfamily Elateroidea.  You can browse the possibilities on Bugguide.  We have requested some assistance from Eric Eaton and we hope to hear back from him shortly.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll search on the Superfamily Elateroidea and check out Bugguide. Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday.

Eric Eaton identifies the Cedar Beetle
They changed the format on Yahoo!Mail again.  Took me a minute to find the “reply” icon!
Yes, this is a male Sandalus niger, the “Cedar Beetle,” in the cicada parasite family Rhipiceridae:
Neat find, though they are quite common.  Where you find one there is usually more.

Thanks for the assistance Eric.  I contemplated the Cicada Parasite Beetle or Feather Horned Beetle family, but didn’t scrutinize the possibilities too closely.


Location: Ohio

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  1. Josh craggs says:

    I have just had one of these bettles flying around my house in malton, england never seen before unsure what to do with it as i have it sat in a plastic box for examination purposes as i was unsure what it was
    I have 3 children and a rabbit in the house do i need to keep them away from any of these bettles?

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