Subject: Bug that crawled out of Madrone wood
Location: Woodside, California
December 9, 2012 4:37 pm
We gave a friend some Madrone firewood in November 2012 from a Madrone that fell on our property approximately 5 years ago. She sent us the attached picture of some bugs that crawled out of the wood. We’d like to know what these are. Our location is a wooded property in Northern California bordering on open space, Santa Cruz mountain range, mainly redwoods, some oaks, bay and madrone.
Signature: Hans


Hi Hans,
These are harmless Pseudoscorpions.  Typically, we get photos of Pseudoscorpions from people who find them in the home and we allay their fears by telling them that they are harmless predators that feed on many undesirable household intruders.  If this pair of Pseudoscorpions crawled out of the wood, they were most likely hiding under the bark or in cracks.

Thank you so much Daniel for identifying these bugs.
I am happy to learn that they are not only harmless but
useful as well.
Have a nice day

Location: California

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