Subject: Beautifully Colourful Beetle
Location: Sichuan Province, China
December 10, 2012 3:58 am
Back in April I was hiking on Emei mountain in central Sichuan province, China. We found this little guy on the track. It was about 5 inches long and its back was a metallic blueish purple. I forgot about it til a few days ago when we were looking through photos of the trip. Any idea what it could be?
Signature: Paul UK

Ground Beetle from China

Hi Paul,
We believe that this is a Ground Beetle and that it might be in the subfamily Carabinae which contains many large metallic beetles, including the Caterpillar Hunters.  Here is another example of a different species of Ground Beetle from China from our archives.
  Five inches is very large for a Ground Beetle.  We wonder if perhaps you meant five centimeters.  We believe we have correctly identified it as Carabus (Coptolabrus) pustulifer on M.E. Smirnov’s Beetles website.  We found a specimen for sale for $8 on the Beetle-china blogspot and it is also represented on the Carabidae of the World website.

Hi guys!
Thanks so much for the swift reply! I really did mean the bud was five inches, I thought the huge size ( as well as its beautiful colouration) was the most amazing thing about this bug. I wish I’d had the sense at the time to put down some object for a size comparison. I’d also just like to add how much I love your website. You guys do a great job and I have a great interest in entemology. All the best!

Location: China

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