Subject: beetles, China
Location: Qi Ao Mangrove Reserve, Zhuhai China
December 8, 2012 10:39 am
There does not seem to be much activity on your site but thought I would give it a try. Here is my puzzle, a nice red one.
Signature: Keith

Immature Hemipteran might be Red Bug

Dear Keith,
We are not certain what you mean by “there does not seem to be much activity on your site” because we update our site daily with at least two postings.  On days when we have more time, we have been known to make upwards of ten postings a day.  Yesterday, the day you sent your submission, we added four more postings to our site.  Those only represent a fraction of the identification requests and other submissions that we receive, but it the best our skeletal staff can accomplish.  We would urge you to visit our home page on a daily basis if you doubt our claims.  This is not a beetle.  Rather, it is an immature Hemipteran and it is a True Bug.  Immature nymphs can often be difficult to identify to the species level.  It might be a species of Red Bug in the family Pyrrhocoridae, and it looks similar to, but not identical to, this immature Fire Bug nymph we located on TrekNature that is found in China.
  It is also possible that it is in a different True Bug family, like the Seed Bugs or the Scentless Plant Bugs.  Our internet search did not turn up anything conclusive.

Hi Daniel
Thank you very much for the speedy reply. My students were fascinated by it … and it was very cooperative. Now that I have some “close” at least possibilities the students will have a look. They are urban students mostly so it is good to see them interested in nature … lizards, butterflys (14 species log on campus so far), etc. The class is photography and travel writing btw.
Yes, very sorry about the not commenting on updates. When I searched “Beetles of China” the site oponed Nov. 2010 and I didn’t read carefully. The site is brilliant and now dutifully bookmarked …
Keep up the good work!! …

That is quite understandable as our search engine is very specific.  Thanks for the explanation.

Location: China

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