Subject: tricorn? can you tell me the name?
Location: South America – Paraguay
December 6, 2012 8:49 pm
I found this bug in South America – Paraguay.
agradecería que me digan el nombre científico.
Muchas gracias!
Signature: Freddy

Rhinoceros Beetle: Strategus mandibularis

Hola Freddy,
Identifying this Rhinoceros Beetle from the subfamily Dynastinae turned out to be remarkably easy.  After our initial web search, we found the Fauna of Paraguay website, and it has a page devoted entirely to Dynastinae.  Figure 11 which is a male 
Strategus mandibularis appears to be a perfect match to your handsome Scarab Beetle. Like other members of the subfamily, the males have pronounced horns and the females do not.


Location: Paraguay

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