Subject: Is it a parasite or its own eggs for reproduction
Location: Wesley Chapel, Fl
November 24, 2012 3:53 am
I found this today in Wesley Chapel, Fl Nov 2012.
The locus or grass hopper did not move quickly at all like other grass hoppers. He seemed very lethargic.
Signature: Andrea Puida

Obscure Bird Grasshopper with Eggs

Dear Andrea,
We believe we have correctly identified your Grasshopper as the Obscure Bird Grasshopper,
Schistocerca obscura, thanks to the excellent database on BugGuide.  We don’t believe these are the eggs of the Grasshopper.  We believe they are the pupae of some internal parasite, perhaps some species of fly or wasp.  We will do some additional research and seek some outside assistance for this identification as well.

Obscure Bird Grasshopper with Eggs

Thank you Daniel!
I couldn’t believe what I saw and knew it was a parasite.. I am excited to hear back from you as to what this parasite it is.
Thank you again,
Andrea Puida

Eric Eaton provides some insight
Wow, that is really strange.  I would bet, however, that those are actually grasshopper eggs, either from another female, or that somehow got oozed out of this very specimen.  She (I’m assuming this is a female), looks pretty damaged anyway, what with missing both hind legs.  Grasshoppers lay eggs in “pods,” whereby the eggs adhere to each other, and that is exactly the case here.  Normally the female lays her eggs under the soil, though.

The grasshopper was just sitting in my friends driveway. It just didn’t appear alert in any way, which is why I thought it was infested with a parasite because it inhibits its neurological way of living /behaviors. This creature was in no way afraid of me and I was very close to it. I took nearly 20 photos of it from every angle. Yes, I’m a medical student and was very intrigued ..
Please tell all involved thank you and I look forward to finding my next mysterious insect for you guys!!!

Hi again Andrea,
Eric’s observations that the Grasshopper looks damaged and your observations that she was not alert point to the possibility that she was somehow severely traumatized which might have caused her to expel her own eggs which then adhered to her body.  This is still an interesting mystery.

Additional Comment:  September 30, 2013
Subject: additional input  on grasshopper eggs or parisite
September 30, 2013 1:46 pm
so I found the same thing when I was feeding my turtle. Pulled off the legs of a grasshopper to feed him and out came these yellow ovals.  I believe them to be eggs too.
Signature: brandon

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Location: Florida

2 Responses to Obscure Bird Grasshopper with Eggs

  1. OMG says:

    OMG i ate a grasshopper that had this is was not raw and had been de gutted and i swished all that stuff out and was pretty well cooked i hope it was eggs

  2. Curious says:

    My older son found one in our back yard. It was missing one leg and had that same stuff coming from it. it didn’t try to get away, My son put it in a box and we let it go in the front. Do I need to be worried about him getting sick? Looking at all this stuff on the computer has me very worried. We live in Nevada also so its not anywhere near where this one was found. Please let me know what you have found about this grasshopper.

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