Subject: Ovipositing Ladybug
Location: Maitland, FL
November 30, 2012 1:58 pm
I was in the yard with my camera yesterday and saw a ladybug on some lichen. At first she appeared to be eating it, but that made no sense. Once I repositioned myself, I could see that she was laying ladybug eggs! How cool! I’m sure it isn’t all that uncommon, but I was excited and wanted to share it with other bug people!
Signature: Brian

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Lays Eggs

Hi Brian,
Your photos are very nice and they are a marvelous addition to our archives.  We had hoped that you were lucky enough to have some species of native Lady Beetle laying eggs, but this appears to be the introduced Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle which has become very well established throughout North America.  While they are a beneficial species that feeds on Aphids and other plant pests, it is believed that as their numbers increase, they are crowding out our native species of Lady Beetles which is resulting in decreased species diversity in some areas.  You can read more about the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle on BugGuide.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle lays eggs

Location: Florida

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