Subject: Strange eggs on dead leaves
Location: Kansas City, MO
December 1, 2012 6:25 pm
Been seeing these little egg sac things on dead leaves all over. I am in Kansas City, MO. Any idea?
Signature: Celina

Oak Leaf Galls

Dear Celina,
These are not eggs.  They are Galls and they are produced by a tiny Gall Wasp.  They are produced as a larva feeds, and eventually an adult Gall Wasp will emerge from the gall.  The Galls in your photo are somewhat unusual in that they are on the top surface of the oak leaf.  We tend to see more Galls form on the underside of the leaves.  We will try to determine a little more specifically the identity of your Oak Leaf Galls.  We do not want to totally discount that these Galls might be produced by some other creature, like a mite or a fly.  See BugGuide for more information on Gall Wasps.

Oak Leaf Gall

Location: Missouri

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