Subject: california trapdoor spider trapped
Location: Arroyo seco, Los Angeles, CA
November 19, 2012 12:08 am
this little guy wandered into my house, is there anyone I should take this to? I Will probably release it tomorrow into the wild. I am in the Hermon/Highland park are of Los Angeles.
Signature: esteban

California Trapdoor Spider

Hi Esteban,
Greetings from nearby Mount Washington.  Male California Trapdoor Spiders,
 Bothriocyrtum californicum, begin to wander about after the first rains of the season because they are searching for mates, so his appearance is right on time.  The best place to release him is an open south facing slope.  We would recommend taking it to Ascot Hills Park near El Sereno which is a lovely open space park.  Habitat destruction is responsible for diminishing numbers of California Trapdoor Spiders in the Los Angeles area.  For your good deed, we are tagging your post with the Bug Humanitarian Award, and your post will go live later in the week as we are preparing to be away from the office for several days for Thanksgiving.

Location: California

3 Responses to Male California Trapdoor Spider wandering after the rains

  1. Roobeered says:

    I found one of these spiders walking slowly across my car porch tonight (12/17/2012) and I am wondering if they are supposed to be this far east and south .It is not dead and I am not sure what to do with it as the weather is very cold right now. I would attach a photo but not sure how to go about doing that.

    • bugman says:

      You did not provide a location, so we cannot answer your question regarding the range of the California Trapdoor Spider. You can submit photos to our site by using our Ask WTB? link on our homepage.

  2. My son sent me this spider picture that he found outside his work. He is a Marine stationed in San Diego Cali. I looked on your site and sure enough it sure looks like a male California Trapdoor Spider.

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