Subject: ”Well there is something you dont see every day”, I said to myself.
Location: Bonny Island, Niger Delta, Nigeria, West Africa.
November 14, 2012 11:34 am
May 2008 – This was the beast that started it all for me; sheltering from the rain on the underside of a leaf in my garden in, of all places, the Niger Delta on Bonny Island, Nigeria. It certainly wasnt happy when I tried to move it to a better perch for its first photo shoot. It actually sqeeked!
It appears to fall into Longhorn territory but I cant find any other image of it. I would dearly love to know if it has a name. At 50mm long, excluding ”horns”, it is a magnificent creature. You can see how the psyche of science fiction writers would make their imagination run riot. If only I had time to go on a bug hunt here in Thailand.
Signature: Bill Hester


Hi Bill,
We haven’t had any luck with an identification on this beautiful Longicorn in the family Cerambycidae.  We are posting your photo and we hope to have it identified before too long.
  We especially love the photo where this impressive Longhorned Borer Beetle is attempting to take flight.



Hi Daniel…
Just downloaded the Electronic version of your book to my iPad… thumbs up to that!
Glad the Longicorn is a new animal for the team… and thanks for posting it.
It made several attempts to fly off until I finally let it go.
Some of the locals were showing a bit more white in their eyes as it soared up into the massive Jungle trees on the other side of the perimeter wall.
There are one or two other unidentified “monsters” on my hard drive for you to get your teeth into.
When I find the images of Bert and Jimmy having breakfast, two huge black and orange Assassin bugs, I’ll share them with an amusing story over their sad demise to an Great African Water Diving Beetle.
Which, apparently, is the biggest “bug” in the world –  Can you confirm that?
Very much appreciate the time you devote to it all.
Thanks for doing what you do.

Longhorned Borer Beetle

Hi again Bill,
We hope you enjoy the book and we look forward to your other submissions.  We believe you are mixing up Diving Beetles with Giant Water Bugs or Toe-Biters as they are known in the U.S.  Southeast Asian Giant Water Bugs are reportedly the largest True Bugs on Earth.

Karl provides the identification of Ceroplesis adusta.
Hi Daniel and Bill:
Your longicorn looks like a species of flat faced-longhorns (Lamiinae), probably Ceroplesis adusta. It is widely distributed throughout East Africa, but I couldn’t find out much more about it. Regards. Karl.

Thanks for the assistance Karl.  Your input is always greatly valued.



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Location: Africa

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