Subject: Maybe a rove beetle blue metallic
Location: Curitiba (large city) at south of Brazil
November 11, 2012 6:03 pm
Hi from Brazil!
I live in Curitiba (south of Brazil) and today I found a strange insect that flyed at my garden.
I think it is a ”rove beetle” (Plochionocerus, Staphylinidae). But I’m not sure…
Signature: daniel calegari

Rove Beetle

Hi Daniel,
We agree that this is a Rove Beetle.  Did you actually witness it flying?  Not all Rove Beetles are capable of flight, and unlike most other beetles, they do not have hard elytra or protective wing covers that extend the length of the body and which cover and protect the soft flight wings.  This is really a beautiful Rove Beetle and we hope we are able to identify it to the species level.  We will postpone that search for a later time as our own garden is beckoning us to plant onions and sugar snap peas in anticipation of the winter rains in Southern California.

Rove Beetle

We might attempt a quick search now though.  We found a matching photo on TrekNature, but no species identification.  Perhaps Cesar Crash will write in with an ID.

Rove Beetle

Hi! Thanks for so fast answer!
Yes, I saw it coming, flying at the garden, then I hurry to take some photos, but it was going to hide bellow some old wood and vases. I used a small stick to make it run at dry and clear space, but I thank it could be dangerous/poisonous, then I took photos at some distance, and soon it was flying again and disappered.
Very beautiful beetle! I had a luck day!
thanks, yours,
Daniel, from Brazil.


Location: Brazil

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  1. Cesar Crash says:

    Hey, I believe it’s Eulissus chalybaeus, I confirm it here in São Paulo, next from Paraná xD

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