Subject: Florida Spider
Location: Polk county Florida
November 9, 2012 3:38 pm
I have some common beggars tick in my yard that I allow to stay to attract bees, butterflies, wasps, etc. I was out shooting them today and noticed this spider clinging to a stem. it is very small so I had a difficult time getting a detailed shot. Any ideas?
Signature: Wendy H.

Longjawed Orbweaver

Hi Wendy,
Your spider is a Longjawed Orbweaver in the genus  Tetragnatha.  You can compare your photo to some of the images posted to BugGuide where it it stated:  “These spiders spin circular (orb) webs, mostly in the horizontal plane, often just inches above the surface of water where they can intercept emerging insects like midges, mayflies, and stoneflies.”

Location: Florida

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