Subject: Red insect from Borneo rainforest Sarawak
Location: Sarawak, Borneo
November 4, 2012 7:18 am
I shot this gorgeous insect recently in Sarawak, but sadly have no idea what it is. I do hope that you can help. This was shot in secondary forest, though near to primary forest at the end of the dry season. It was during the day.
Signature: louise murray

True Bug

Hi Louise,
This is some species of True Bug in the suborder Heteroptera, but we cannot determine the family based on the angle of your photo.  We did find a matching photo, # 1566-1074713 on Superstock (scroll down), though we don’t trust the Boxelder Bug identification, though it might be in the same family Rhopalidae, the Plant Bugs.

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Location: Borneo

2 Responses to Unknown Red True Bug from Borneo

  1. Xyle says:

    I had this really similar unknown bug. I have pictures of it when it was a caterpillar/worm, it then turned into a pupa (still have it) and after awhile it became this bug and I let it go (can prove it with pictures)

  2. Xyle says:

    Oh, and for your info, I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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