Please check these images
Location:  Guanhães / MG Brazil
October 19, 2012
Hi, Daniel.
Man, I recieved these images and please, I want your opinion.
I think that they are a big joke, but his words seem to be so serious.
I never saw anything close to this, it has dragonflies wings in a hairy body. I’m thinking it’s made of plastic.
I would be very glad with your opinion.
Cesar Crash


Ed. Note:  Here is the original letter received by Cesar.
Este inseto foi fotografado,em remanescente de Mata Atlântica, no alto de um rochedo com aproximadamente 1.102m de altitude.No mês de outubro.


Hi Cesar,
I think it is an Owlfly.
May I post the pictures?

Thank you very much!
It seems that the species is Albardia furcata:
I’m asking for permission to give you the pictures, I’m sure that’s OK.
Here is the link for the post.
Thanx again!


Location: Brazil

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  1. Joshua Jones says:

    This is definitely Albardia furcata, probably the most primitive living owlfly species. I am studying them for my dissertation research. I am also seeking additional freshly caught specimens!

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