Subject: What is this?
Location: La Marque
November 2, 2012 11:21 pm
Every colorful flower i strolled pass I’d see them covered with these bugs. They dont seem to be camera shy, they allowed me to get as close as i wanted. I didnt get too close because although its colors are inviting and beautiful this could mean danger. What is this bug?
Signature: Thanks in advance, Tx Finest

Bee Assassin

Dear Tx Finest,
You were wise to be cautious.  This is a Bee Assassin, probably
Apiomerus spissipes, though it may be another member in the genus.  They are predators with piercing mouthparts, and though they are not aggressive towards humans, they might bite if carelessly handled.

Bee Assassin


Location: Texas

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  1. drswanny says:

    Yes, this is Apiomerus spissipes.

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