Subject: Daniel – Mating Large Milkweed Bugs?
Location: Hawthorne, California
November 2, 2012 3:44 pm
I was enjoying all of the different creatures on the Mexican Milkweed today and took these photos of what I assumed are Large Milkweed bugs. When I got them onto the computer and compared them to other photos, they don’t look quite the same.
Hoping you can confirm my sighting or let me know what they actually may be!
Signature: Thanks, Anna Carreon

Small Milkweed Bugs Mating

Hi Anna,
What a beautiful photo of mating Small Milkweed Bugs,
Lygaeus kalmii .  Large Milkweed Bugs are about 30% larger, in our observations.  See BugGuide for more information on the Small Milkweed Bug.

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Location: California

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