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Subject: Moth in Minnesota
Location: Minneapolis, MN
October 2, 2012 6:39 pm
This is probably a very common moth in these parts but I’ve just arrived from the UK so all sorts of things are new to me. Didn’t know American Robins were different to British ones for starters! Anyway, if you could identify this for me I’d be most greatful. Many thanks in advance.
Signature: Anita

Whitelined Sphinx

Dear Anita,
The Whitelined Sphinx,
Hyles lineata, is one of the most common large moths in North America, and it is found in all 48 lower states as well as Canada.  It is nonetheless a lovely moth.  See the Sphingidae of the Americas website for additional information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Spider Explosion on Guam
Aloha Daniel –
No birds = masses of spiders between trees, etc.
Thought you’d find this article of interest.

Orbweavers from Guam

Hi Eliza,
Thanks for the link.  We are accompanying your submission with a pair of Orbweavers from Guam that we located in our archive.  They appear to be the same spiders in the article you submitted.

Hi again –
Glad you found the article of interest.
Yes, the appensas are very present here on Maui, so I am not surprised they are busy and very present on Guam.
Maluhia – peace

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: unknown insect
Location: saint Paul minnesota
October 2, 2012 9:35 pm
Hi bugman I live in saint Paul mn. I live in my friends basement where is usually only see centipedes and small spiders. the basement is kind of damp and moldy but ive been running a dehumidifier to keep in dry. my house sits about 60 feet away from a rail road track and every time a train goes by the whole house shakes and a bunch of dirt and dust fall from the cealing. Not sure what type of bug this is or if it is foreign to Minnesota.
Signature: just would like to know what kind of insect it is

False Bombardier Beetle

This fascinating creature is a False Bombardier Beetle in the genus Galerita.  You can compare you image to those posted to BugGuide.

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Subject: Cicada killer? or Yellow Jacket?
Location: Tampa, FL
October 2, 2012 9:34 pm
I just took this picture minutes ago on my back patio. This insect is parked on the edge of the cat food bowl and is happily posing as long as I needed. It’s still there, but I’m thinking that I need to get it outside in the yard for survival. I have looked through a lot of images and I’m leaning toward Cicada Killer, but the markings are a bit different. It’s Oct. 2nd at 10pm in Tampa, Florida.
Signature: Shell K

Tiphid Wasp

Dear Shell,
This appears to us to be a Tiphid Wasp in the genus
Myzinum, most likely a female based on this description posted to BugGuide:  “Females are robust, with short, curled antennae and heavy hind femora (“thighs”). Males are very slender with long, straight antennae and a prominent curved “pseudostinger” at the tip of the abdomen.”  In a previous posting to our website, we posted this description from BugGuide, “A slender, shining black wasp, with yellow crossbands. Males are more slender than the females and have an upturned black hook at the end of the abdomen. There are 5 yellow bands on the abdomen of the female (the second is broken in the middle) and 6 narrow, more regular ones in the male. Both head and thorax are marked with yellow. Legs of the males are strongly yellow, but they are reddish in females. Wings are brown.“   However, we cannot locate that citation at its source any longer.  We are relatively certain the species if the Five Banded Tiphid Wasp, Myzinum quinquecinctum.

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Subject: What is this?
Location: Florida
October 2, 2012 2:32 pm
Found this creature on my car door handle. Any idea as to what it may be?
Signature: Eric

Alien or Hoax?

Dear Eric,
This appears to be some alien creature that may have been introduced by extraterrestrials, and then again, it might be an item from a novelty store or perhaps a fishing lure.

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Subject: trying to identify an insect…
Location: New York, NY
October 2, 2012 3:31 pm
Hi there. I found this insect in my bathroom in Manhattan. I haven’t been able to identify it from various sources online. I don’t think that it is a tick, but am really curious. Do you have an idea of what it might be? Thanks.
Signature: James

Spider Beetle

Hi James,
This is a Spider Beetle.  They infest stored foods in the pantry.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination