Subject: aussietrev Micro Mantis
Location: Nth Burnett. Queensland Australia
October 31, 2012 8:16 pm
Hi guys,
hope you and yours are all well after the storm.
I spotted this little guy on my lemon tree. At first I thought it was just another ant looking for scale insects to farm as it scurried along the leaf but then noticed the curled forearms. It really is no bigger than a meat ant as can be seen by the scale in reference to my finger tip and has the same shiny skin which I haven’t seem before on a mantis.
Do you think it is just a juvenile or a micro species?
Signature: Aussietrev


Hi Trevor,
My, this Mantis sure has big eyes.  We suspect this is a nymph and not a micro-mantis.  Thanks for another wonderful submission.



Location: Australia

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  1. Jeff says:

    Probably a hatchling of Hierodula sp, since they live in rainforests. Not sure of exact species. There are probably about 10? or so species of Hierodula mantis in Australia, so that should narrow down the search.

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