Subject: tiny pinching bug
Location: Milledgeville GA (lightly wooded) Found in home
October 25, 2012 4:11 pm
Hi bugman!
My mom found this little guy (unfortunately)chewing on her arm, leaving about 20 tiny bumps. She said the bumps were itchy at first but the sensation diminished in a half hour or so. Knowing I wouldn’t be pleased if she squished it, she instead put the little bug(approx 2mm long) on a piece of paper and brought him to me. (I was very proud of her.)
I feel like I’ve seen one of these before but I can’t place him. When he moves his head goes from side to side (this is why his head is blurry in nearly every picture I got of him) It is late in October here (temps are mid – upper 70’s during the day & in the 50’s at night)
Thank you in advance for your time and as always, thank you for hosting such a wonderful place for people to learn more about the wonderful world of bugs!
P.S. the little guy was released on the edge of our property, well away from the house. 🙂
Signature: Courtney (always curious)

Lacewing Larva

Hi Courtney,
This is the larva of a Lacewing, commonly called an Aphid Wolf, and we have gotten numerous reports from our readers indicating that the bite is irritating.  Our own editorial staff can attest firsthand that the effects of the bite of a Lacewing larva may last several hours, however, it is not dangerous.  Even adult Lacewings are reported to bite.  We are tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award for both your mother who transported the Aphid Wolf on a piece of paper, and to you for relocating the Aphid Wolf to a safe haven.

Location: Georgia

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