Subject: Is this some kind of roach?
Location: Harper, TX
October 20, 2012 4:45 pm
Never seen this one before. Looks like a roach from the underside, but it’s topside is like a giant flat doodle bug with fewer segments. It has a reddish ”tail”, maybe a female. It’s not ver clear from the photo. Burrowed in the grass/ground to hide.
Signature: K Bernsen

Boll’s Sandroach

Dear K Bernsen,
While you are correct that this Boll’s Sandroach is a Cockroach, it is not a species that infests homes.  This is a wingless female Boll’s Sandroach, 
Arenivaga bolliana, or another member of the genus.   Males, which are capable of flying, are frequently attracted to lights.  According to BugGuide:  “The downy females have no wings and burrow in the dust under houses and in natural rock shelters where they feed on packrat droppings.”  We believe the reddish “tail” is an ootheca or egg case.  The female will carry it about until she finds a suitable place to deposit it.

Female Boll’s Sandroach with Ootheca


Location: Texas

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