Subject: Bug in my hair!
Location: Beverly MA
October 17, 2012 8:46 am
Hi, I am a very clean person, but I have found on a few occasions, one of these lurking in my hair. The picture makes it look big but it is only a quarter length of my short fingernail.
Signature: Thank you so much


Your photo is quite blurry, but it appears to us that this is a Human Louse.  See images on BugGuide.  You should probably seek professional assistance.

Oh my goodness thank you but eeeeewew!!! I have a toddler in daycare and a school age child, so I guess it makes sense.. Ohh gross.. The doctors office for us.

Followup:  October 22, 2012
The bug was a adult head louse which I checked my kids and my oldest had many. We were all treated . Thank you

Hi Katie,
We are very pleased to hear that you were able to initiate treatment in a speedy manner thanks to our identification.  We have not included your surname in this posting in order to preserve your privacy.  Though it might be somewhat awkward, we would also recommend that you get word to other parents at the school and daycare center that your children attend, lest you risk a reinfestation in the future.  Perhaps your physician can contact the necessary individuals should you want to maintain anonymity.

Thank you, I called the school, daycare, and parents that had children over my house! You were very helpful and with your help I did receive quick help from my doctor and a 45 minute conversation with the nurse, because I was completely clueless about how to fix this.
Thanks again!!!

Location: Massachusetts

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