Subject: Too much of a good thing?
Location: Grand Island, Nebraska October 14, 2012
October 15, 2012 9:59 pm
Your wonderful website has fostered in me a curiosity about bugs that has been passed along to my daughters, ages 6 & 12. Unfortunately, in her enthusiasm to show me a new bug, my 12 year old brought this insect to me in her hand. It promptly bit/stung her and she dropped it into the sand where I took this picture. There were others in the area as well and they seemed to be quite adept at hopping. I’ve looked through pages and pages of flies but have been unable to find anything similar to this one. We have appreciated your help in the past and would love it if you would help us solve our latest mystery. Thanks!
Signature: Huskers Kim, Rachel & Emma


Dear Huskers Kim, Rachel and Emma,
We hope this unfortunate incident has not cooled your family’s enthusiasm for the insect world.  This Backswimmer in the genus
Notonecta is actually an aquatic insect that is capable of flying from one body of water to another.  According to BugGuide, Backswimmers are also called Water Bees or Water Wasps because of the painful bite.  Some information provided by BugGuide includes:  “Prey on other aquatic insects and sometimes on small vertebrates” and “May bite if handled carelessly.”

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Location: Nebraska

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