Subject: Window Fly So Cal 10/14/12
Location: Northwest San Fernando Valley
October 14, 2012 11:20 pm
The kids called me in from the wood shop to ID this bug visitor to the kitchen window. They suspected that it wasn’t a hornet, but wanted confirmation before continuing work on dinner.
I went straight to ’74 Hogue Insects of the LA Basin and there he (or she) was.
Real pleased to see this cool guy for the first time in a lifetime in the Los Angeles neighborhood.
Had to pull the window slider from its’ track to escort him out, but he flew away, apparently no worse for the detour.
The photo’s not National G quality, but the ”windows” are pretty easy to see.
Signature: Watson Fambly

Window Fly

Dear JW,
We are happy to hear that you keep a copy of Insects of the Los Angeles Basin handy for quick identifications.  It is truly a wonderful volume and a must for all Los Angeles residents interested in the lower beasts.  Anyone with a compost pile is likely to encounter Window Flies or Black Soldier Flies as the larvae are common compost denizens.  The abdominal “windows” are quite evident in your photo.

Location: California

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