Subject: Is this a bee, a wasp, or what?
Location: Southcentral Louisiana
October 15, 2012 6:57 pm
Hello, this little guy invaded my house when I left the back door open. He has wings like a wasp, a body like a bee, and a large head with short antennae. I have no idea what he is and was hoping you would know.
Signature: Celina

Flower Fly

Hi Celina,
We are going to have to go with “or what” since this is a Flower Fly in the family Syrphidae.  Many Flower Flies are excellent mimics that are frequently mistaken for Bees or Wasps.  See BugGuide for more information on the family Syrphidae.

Location: Louisiana

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  1. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    are they in virginia,and do they dig holes like ants

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