Subject: rice like worms in my pumice bar
Location: shower, st Louise missouri
October 11, 2012 8:35 pm
Can you please help me figure out what these are so I can figure out what measures I,need to take to get rid of . I found them in my pumice bar in the shower.
Signature: Charline henry from missouri

Mystery Worms

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Im thinking they are larvae from drain fly but I am not for sure

Hi Charline,
There is not enough detail in your photo for us to be certain.  They might be Drain Fly larvae.  They appear to resemble this image from BugGuide.  Perhaps one of our readers will have a better idea what they might be.

That looks like them but they are a little darker. Would they lay eggs in a pumice bar?

They are usually found in the sludge that forms in drains.  The pumice bar location is a real puzzler.

That what has me stumped, unless it got into the liqour before it laid the eggs…. now ive seen some silverfish and my neighbor,we live in condos, said she has had carpet beetles. do u think it could be one of them?

Neither Silverfish nor Carpet Beetle Larvae.

Location: Missouri

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