Subject: bug
Location: San Francisco bay area
October 10, 2012 2:42 am
I live in northern California about an hour from San Francisco. I found this bug in on a paper towel in my bathroom sink. It is just the start of Fall here. Can you tell me what it is? It was about a inch long. Almost looks like an earwig with no pinchers. It’s head was very flat looking!
Signature: Thank you, Jessica Hunt

Snakefly Larva

Hi Jessica,
We quickly confirmed that this is a Snakefly Larva by comparing your photo to this image on BugGuide.  The information page on BugGuide states:  “Both larvae and adults are predatory, though they are capable of catching and killing only small and weak prey. Snakefly larvae feed on eggs and larvae of various insects, as well as adults of minute arthropods (e.g. mites, springtails, barklice, and homopterans). Adults typically prefer aphids but may eat a wide variety of arthropods.”

Location: California

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  1. Linda says:

    Perfect answer! I live about an hour from SFO and found one on my bathroom counter. I think it fell from the attic through the ceiling fan. Happy it’s not a termite! Also, happy that this site doesn’t endorse extermination!! The little fellow now lives in my garden, where he can munch the eggs of pests. Win, win.

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