Subject: Pine grub of some sort
Location: western NC
October 11, 2012 7:05 pm
Hello! I found these little fellows munching on a lil pine tree…. Have since collected them and sent them out in the woods, to munch on pines a bit further away from the house. (or for other animals to munch on, perhaps)
I am assuming they’re grubs, because they don’t have feet all the way down like ’pillers do…just a few at the front and a couple at the back end.
I realize bugs serve a purpose, but I’m wondering…should I have squished these? I hate killing anything, even the harmful bugs. 😉
Signature: not a bug hater

Possibly Pine Sawfly Larvae

Dear not a bug hater,
We cannot be certain because there is not enough detail in your photograph, but we believe these are Sawfly Larvae, possibly the Introduced Pine Sawfly,
Diprion similis, which you can find pictured on BugGuide.  Here is a remark from BugGuide:  “Introduced from Europe: first reported in North America in 1914, in Connecticut. Although a serious pest at times, it normally stunts rather than kills its hosts. It can be a more serious problem with young trees and in cases such as Christmas trees where appearance is important. It has natural enemies and diseases, so large outbreaks are only intermittently seen.”

Location: North Carolina

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