Subject: Unknown Bug
Location: Fremantle Western Australia
October 8, 2012 9:59 pm
can you please help with the ID of this bug.
It is from the S/W of Western Australia, Spring time.
It is about 10mm long, slow moving.

Horned Treehopper nymph

Hi Rob,
We are very rarely so puzzled by a submission that we cannot pin down an order.  This is undoubtedly a nymph, the immature phase of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis.  We suspect it is likely a Hemipteran, a member of the order with sucking mouthparts that includes True Bugs and Cicadas, but it doesn’t resemble any nymph we have seen before.  The Brisbane Insect website will be a great place to begin searching.  The closest match we can find would indicate it might be a Horned Treehopper nymph in the family Membracidae based on the large photo on family page on the Brisbane Insect Website which is identified as the Acacia Treehopper.  While we don’t believe that is your species, the nymphs pictured on the Brisbane Insect website of the Acacia Treehopper,
Sextius virescens, look quite similar to your specimen.

Treehopper nymph

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the detailed answer, I am very happy with this as I had no idea where to start with this one. Please pass on my thanks to your team.
Robert Keen
Supervisor, Horticulture
Parks and Gardens
Curtin University

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Location: Australia

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