Subject: what is this?
Location: scotland
October 3, 2012 3:44 pm
Hi the attached bug has been in my house over the last couple weeks. Ive never seen something like this before. I have a toddler and am very worried this may be dangerous. It sticks it tail up like a scorpio when we’ve tried to get rid of it. How do i stop it coming in? Help!
Signature: NJ

Devil’s Coachhorse

Dear NJ,
Despite its fierce demeanor and frightening name, the Devil’s Coachhorse, a species of Rove Beetle, is perfectly harmless and poses no danger to your toddler.  Devil’s Coachhorses are predators that feed upon snails.  They do not have any venom, but if you look closely at the tip of the abdomen when in the defensive posture, you can see a pair of white glands that release a foul smell as a deterrent to any perceived threat.

Scent Glands of a Devil’s Coachhorse


Location: UK

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