Spider Explosion on Guam
Aloha Daniel –
No birds = masses of spiders between trees, etc.
Thought you’d find this article of interest.

Orbweavers from Guam

Hi Eliza,
Thanks for the link.  We are accompanying your submission with a pair of Orbweavers from Guam that we located in our archive.  They appear to be the same spiders in the article you submitted.

Hi again –
Glad you found the article of interest.
Yes, the appensas are very present here on Maui, so I am not surprised they are busy and very present on Guam.
Maluhia – peace

Location: Guam

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  1. Jillian says:

    I live on Guam and always see little spiders no bigger then a penny. They jump and are very quick. Always hanging out on my balcony walls and I see.them down at the pool. They are usually grey with white and black markings or tan. Any idea of what they might be?

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