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Subject: help!
Location: struthers ohio
October 1, 2012 3:43 pm
Hello. Out of nowhere theres hundreds of these weurd flies on the side of my house and taking over the small patch of grass in the same location. How can i get rid of them? We just used hot shit, and i used boiling hot, soapy water to splash off the house. Helppp
Signature: michelle benoit

Flying Ant

Hi Michelle,
Our editorial staff left Campbell, Ohio many years ago to move to Los Angeles, but we still visit several times a year.  This is a Flyng Ant, the reproductive males and females that swarm and begin new colonies.  Flying Ants are known as alates.  Ants swarm when the conditions are right, often on a warm, sunny day right after a good rain.  It sounds like there is an existing colony in the part of the yard where the swarm issued.  As an aside, whenever we are in town, we are sure to stop in the Struthers location of Belleria Pizza for a Brian Hill style pie.

Thank you for responding so quickly! After googling awhile, I was sure of the same findings. The Hot Shot seemed to have worked, as I dont see any left. You are quite the genius! Yesterday was our first sunny day after about three of rain! Rain again today lol That’s Ohio, I suppose! Wow, what a small world, Campbell is right around the corner! As for pizza, do you mean Brier Hill style?  Delicious! I think that will be dinner this evening! Haha

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Ohio

3 Responses to Flying Ant

  1. gadzinski says:

    discover that we have a colony ,what is the next approach?

  2. marisa says:

    we have several colonies of flying ants, live in Connecticut, I am pretty sure that they are not termites as they have segmented bodies and are in the ground , no mounds nearby. their wings are longer than their bodies and there are tons of babies ? I think. what should I do they are
    near my chicken coop and less than 20 feet from my house, should I leaave them be, or eradicate them with a cedar oil. I will be spraying my lawn as it is a veritable ant hill farm
    but i have not seen this type of activity before , is this due to my neglect?

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