Subject: Help!
Location: Mill Bay, BC, raised bed in my backyard, against a fence
October 1, 2012 4:08 pm
Hello Bugman! I’ve just ventured out to my raspberry bushes and I’m seeing quite a few of this bug…haven’t seen it before and I’m wondering if you know what it is. The bugs appear to be on the leaves but some of the berries have holes bitten through them (there are earwigs out and about too so they may be doing that). I live in Mill Bay BC, Canada. We are on Vancouver Island. We’ve had a very warm September and I have a ton of raspberries right now.
Signature: whatever!

Conchuela Bug Nymphs

Dear whatever!,
These are Conchuela Bug nymphs,
Chlorochroa ligata, a species of Stink Bug.  They have mouths designed for piercing and sucking, and they are not responsible for chewing holes in the raspberries.  The earwigs might be chewing the berries.

Location: Canada

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