Subject: What’s that bug (Croatia)
Location: Croatia
September 30, 2012 4:26 pm
Dear Bugman,
please could you help with identification of this awesome guy (pic attached)? I spotted it a few days ago during my vacation in Croatia/Europe, in the bushes at the seaside. Hope your broad knowledge reaches this nice area. Thanks, Aga
PS. This website is a really great project, I’m adding to to my Favourites
Signature: Aga

Hi Bugman,
please ignore my request, I’ve just identified the bug on my own, as Giant Green Slantface.
I’ll keep checking your website anyway – it’s very interesting,
thanks, best wishes, Aga

Slantface Grasshopper

Dear Aga,
When we searched for Giant Green Slantface, we found a similar looking Grasshopper on the Brisbane Insect website identified as
Acrida conica.  We cannot say for certain this is the same species since Croatia is so far from Australia, but the two definitely look related.  BugGuide, a website devoted to North American species, indicates that Slant-Faced Grasshoppers are in the subfamily Gomphocerinae.  The Mediterranean Slant-Faced Grasshopper, Acrida ungarica, as pictured on RedBubble, is a more likely candidate for your part of the world. 

Location: Croatia

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