Subject: Box Elder Bug Aggregation?
Location: Lake County, IL
September 25, 2012 1:03 pm
Thank you for this great site!
Recently, I found piles, and individuals, of these red and black bugs on a trail around the Volo Bog (IL).
They were most often seen en masse on bird/animal droppings.
Signature: LSchiele

Eastern Boxelder Bugs

Dear LSchiel,
Though we have no dearth of new postings of Eastern Boxelder Bugs on our website at the moment, we are fascinated by your report that you found them feeding on bird and animal droppings.  They were most likely extracting fluids since they have mouths designed for sucking.  Your photograph includes a seed that appears to be a maple “helicopter” and that would indicate that the typical food of the Eastern Boxelder Bug is present in Volo Bog.

Location: Illinois

2 Responses to Eastern Boxelder Bugs reported on bird and animal droppings

  1. shaunnbrooke says:

    The whole of lake county is massively infested with these bugs, the side of my house is covered in their rust colored droppings. No amount of pest control has stopped these bugs, I hope by winter they are gone and stay away for good!

    • bugman says:

      Are you reporting from Lake County, Illinois? There are also Lake Counties in Indiana and Ohio according to our web search. Boxelder Bugs often enter homes to hibernate when the weather cools so we hope you have all the cracks in the foundation sealed well.

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