Subject: carpenter fly comment..
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
September 22, 2012 9:23 am
I did leave a comment, but was unable to load my pics I took with my mobile. So just want to add them here if you might want them:-)
Signature: rob

Carpenter Bee Robber Fly eats Wasp

Hi Rob,
We first posted a photo that we identified as  Carpenter Bee Robber Fly,
Hyperechia marshalli, earlier this year.  Global Species has a matching image.  Your image is a great addition to our Food Chain tag.

Hello Daniel
Thank you very much for your quick reply.. I think you will be getting many mails from me.. you guys are great:-)

Please include South Africa in your subject lines Rob.  That will help get our attention.

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Location: Africa

3 Responses to Carpenter Bee Robber Fly from South Africa eats Wasp

  1. Sue says:

    I am curious about the Carpenter Bee Robber Fly on your website. Are they found in the United States? I had 2 of what looked like these fly into my hen pen today and one laid eggs on some greenhouse plastic being stored in there. I live in San Antonio, TX and have now seen 3 of these for the first time ever just this year. They do not appear to be aggressive as I took photos only a couple feet away.

  2. Pule Masemola says:

    I just found one of this species. It for first I see it.what are they doing in nature. I just to have knowledge of them too

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