Location:  Edon, Ohio
September 17, 2012
Sorry to bother you through your personal email.  For some reason I can not get my pictures to send through the web site.
I have begun the task of trying to identify the caterpillars I have pictures of.  (I am having trouble finding a good resource for this.  I keep going through page after page and can not find what I have…. but anyway…)  I have one from N.W. Ohio, I believe it is a sphynx moth.  Possibly the great oak.  The picture was taken at the end of September of 2007.  My question is more about the little “sacks” that appear to be attatched all over it.  I was not sure if they were egg sacks or parasites.  Have you ever seen anything like this before?
Janet Fox
Picture from Edon, Ohio

Tobacco Sphinx parasitized by Chalcids

Hi Janet,
This is a Tobacco Sphinx,
Manduca sexta, one of the species of Hornworms that are frequently found feeding on the leaves of tomato plants.  It has been parazitized by a Braconid Wasp.  The larval wasps feed on the internal organs and then emerge to pupate.  Alas, this Tobacco Sphinx did not live to maturity.  See BugGuide for confirmation.

Wow!  I didn’t think we would have one of those in Ohio… since there are no tobacco plants up there.  My book didn’t even show a tobacco sphynx.  I know I had just never seen one with those sacks hanging on one before.  Thanks for clearing that up.
You guys do a wonderful job and are very helpful.

Location: Ohio

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