Subject: Two un-named bugs
Location: Western Kentucky
September 16, 2012 2:12 pm
Dear Staff,
I have written in the past and you have helped me identify many of my bug photos. I also recently purchased an insect guide. I still have been unable to find either of these two. The first I assume is a nymph or juvinile bug. I went through 32 pages on your listings of nymphs and still had no luck finding anything with these club like front appendages. It is on a zennia flower to put the size in perspective. The other bug was eating another bug (I assumed a lightening bug) but I have also been unable to find it. Can you help me put names to my insects?
Signature: Janet Fox

Immature Spiny Assassin Bug

Dear Janet,
Both of your unnamed insects are Assassin Bugs in the family Reduviidae.  The individual without wings on the orange zinnia is an immature Spiny Assassin Bug in the genus
Sinea.  It matches this individual on BugGuide.  The individual with prey on the white blossom is a Bee Assassin, Apiomeris crassipes.  It is also represented on BugGuide.  Assassin Bugs are predators and they often wait on blossoms to prey upon insects that visit blooms.  Most Assassin Bugs are considered beneficial, though many will deliver a painful bite if carelessly handled.  We cannot tell the identity of the prey in the Bee Assassin photo.

Bee Assassin

Thanks Daniel for the prompt response.  I appreciate the time you take to help people figure out their small friends in the world.  I love the site and it has been a great help.


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Location: Kentucky

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