Subject: Synanthedon exitiosa?
Location: Nashville, TN
September 16, 2012 8:56 pm
We think this a type of borer. The closest our bug guide has is a Peach Tree Borer; Synanthedon exitiosa. It’s not a perfect match. Can you help us identify this bug?
Signature: Jennifer

Clematis Borer

Dear Jennifer,
Though your species identification is incorrect, we are impressed that you came so close with this difficult identification.  You are correct that this is a Borer in the Clearwing Moth family Sesiidae, a group known for excellent mimicry of wasps.  They are often called Wasp Moths.  This is a Clematis Borer,
Alcathoe carolinensis, and we identified it on BugGuide.  The Clematis Borer and the Peach Tree Borer are both in the same tribe, Synanthedonini, so they are very closely related, hence they share similar physical attributes.

Location: Tennessee

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