Subject: Boxelder Bugs
Location: Southwest Indiana
September 16, 2012 5:04 pm
I saw these bugs swarming in town yesterday. They were all over the gates and fence of one house. Looking them up today on your site was no trouble because you had a recent post on your front page!
I thought you’d like another picture of Boxelder Bugs, or Democrat Bugs. It looks to me like there is a variety of ages in this picture.
Love your site – I’ve never had to ask to identify an insect because you have so many posts, and I eventually find what I’m looking for!
Signature: Heather

Boxelder Bugs

Hi Heather,
We had been searching through our inbox for two weeks, hoping to get a good new photo of a Boxelder Bug aggregation in order to make a Democrat Bug featured posting, but the best photo submitted was out of focus.  This is the timely season for their appearance and we also wanted to acknowledge all the election press coverage.  Your photo is a fine addition to our site and we are pleased that you were able to self identify your Boxelder Bugs thanks to our website.

Location: Indiana

One Response to Aggregation of Boxelder Bugs, AKA Democrat Bugs

  1. James Beekman says:

    Democrat bug has been a problem for me the past two years. First around.On/In wooden utl bldg short distance from my home. Now inside house, out side and suspect in crawl space. HOW can I rid my property of these pest? Thanks, Jim

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