Subject: cluster of caterpillers on sweet gum
Location: Brown County, Indiana
September 12, 2012 12:06 pm
Found this group of bugs I had never noticed before on a sweet gum tree in our yard in Southern Indiana.
No luck identifying them …
Signature: Crindi

Red Humped Caterpillars

Hi Crindi,
We know that we have identified these caterpillars in the past, but we had a brain freeze.  We also know how difficult it can be to try to identify caterpillars, and we didn’t want to spend hours in an identification pursuit, so we tried a web search of “caterpillars sweet gum” which quickly led us to the Forestry Images photograph of the Red Humped Caterpillars,
Schizura concinna.  Knowing the plant upon which a caterpillar or other insect is feeding is often a tremendous assistance during the identification process.  We have several photos of Red Humped Caterpillars on our site which is why they seemed so familiar to us.

I have used your site a couple times now and have made a donation for your expenses.
Chris Gustin

Thanks for your support.

Location: Indiana

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