Subject: brown hairy beetle
Location: Maumelle, Arkansas
September 4, 2012 8:57 pm
Found brown hairy beetle on brick path beneath oaks and pines today. He was upside down, eggs moving trying to right himself. Thank you for any help id’ing him.
Signature: Martha

Bumble Flower Beetle

Hi Martha,
This Scarab is a Bumble Flower Beetle,
Euphoria inda, and according to BugGuide:  “Adults visit flowers for pollen and/or nectar. Sometimes damage flowers. Also takes rotting fruit, corn, sap, other plant juices.”  BugGuide also states:  “Larvae usually reported to live in decaying wood, vegetation, and especially, dung (6). Eggs deposited in summer near these food sources. Males often seen searching for newly-emerged females.   Larvae are associated with Formica ants. (1) From Insects of Cedar Creek:   Larvae of these species are reported to live in decaying wood, but I suspect that some live as scavengers in ant nests (primarily those of Formica obscuripes). E. inda (yellow with black flecks) is commonly seen buzzing over Formica mounds in spring. On descending to the mound it is immediately covered by ants.”

Location: Arkansas

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  1. Azhyr says:

    Found this in my garden in West Jordan, Utah today. Thank you for telling me what it is.

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