Subject: Romantic Bug Love
Location: SLC, UT
September 7, 2012 5:57 pm
Hi Bugman,
Caught these two lovebirds enjoying themselves in my vertical pallet garden. The last picture included is the scene of the crime. Thought you might like this picture for your bug love collection. Enjoy.
Signature: Jules

Mating Mantids

Hi Jules,
Thanks for sending your photo of mating Mantids.  You did not indicate if you purchased Mantis Ootheca to help control insects in your vertical pallet garden.

Vertical Pallet Garden and Mantid Habitat

Hi Daniel,
Sorry my reply is so delayed! Yes, we did buy a mantis nest for our vegetable garden, however there was already an old egg nest (is that what you call it?) on the fence right above the “lovebirds” in the picture I sent you. At least I think that is what it is. I will attach a picture.

Mantis Ootheca

Hi again Jules,
The new photo you sent is indeed a Mantis Ootheca or Egg Case.

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Location: Utah

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