Subject: Has beautiful web pattern
Location: Costa Rica, Limon, Purto Viejo
September 6, 2012 5:41 pm
I have this in my back yard in Costa Rica. Can’t find a match online.
Signature: John L.

Writing Spider in genus Argiope

Dear John L.,
Writing Spider is our favorite common name for members of the Orbweaving genus
Argiope, a name that refers to the elaborate stabilimentum that the Silver Argiope weaves into its web.  This type of web is indicative of the immature Silver Argiope and it is distinct from the web of the mature Silver ArgiopeWe have never quite figured out why the Silver Argiope, Argiope argentata, is so named, until we saw your Costa Rican adolescent female.

Correction:  Argiope savignyi
December 15, 2012
We just received a comment from Rose indicating a correction in this identification.  The correct species,
Argiope savignyi, can be found on Nature Photo as well as on American Arachnology.  The Minibeast Wildlife website refers to this species as the Silverback Cross Spider and entomologist Piotr Naskrecki calls it the Tiger Spider.

Location: Costa Rica

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  1. RoseL says:

    Sorry, but your ID is incorrect. This is a white-form Argiope savignyi. It’s similar to A. argentata, but the abdominal pattern is a little different.

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